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El Gawhara Dental Group is the largest dental care institution in Alexandria for dental treatment and Cosmetic dentistry,
with ISO 9001 certification in sterilization.
Founded by Dr. Khaled Abdel Nabi,
a dental implants and cosmetic dentistry consultant since 1994


Our Vision

We at El Gawhara Dental Group  prioritize the comfort and well-being of our patients by offering  an expert dental care from routine check-ups to cosmetic procedures through:-
  • An expert medical team of specialists and consultants in different dental specialties.
  • 4 branches which cover Alexandria
  • Latest technologies & trends in both dental treatment & cosmetic dentistry
  • Covering all dental care services & dental radio
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Welcome to Elgawhara
Dental Clinic!.

At our clinic, we take pride in providing high-quality services and comprehensive care for your dental health. We are here to ensure a unique and comfortable experience for every patient. Discover how we can enhance the health and beauty of your smile.

Experience our commitment to excellence through the latest technologies and a dedicated team. From dental implants to orthodontics, we strive for the highest quality in every service.

Dental Center

Your Trusted Dental Care Destination
Elgawhara Dental Center is a reputable dental practice, centrally located, committed to delivering exceptional dental care for individuals and families. Our primary focus is ensuring your comfort and ease in a secure and inviting setting.


Founder & manager of El Gawhara dental groupDr.Khaled Abdalnaby

German association fellowship, American association fellowship and Italian association fellowship in dental implantology & cosmetic dentistry
More than 10000 successful dental implant surgeries since 1994

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